Stuffed Green Peppers with Mashed Potatoes by J are absolutely delicious!

This yummy meal is filling and so good, you can’t wait to have it again.

Meal Prep List To Prepare Stuffed Green Peppers with Mashed Potatoes by J
Baking dish large enough to hold 4 green peppers standing up
Large dutch oven or multipot with steamer/strainer to boil potatoes
Large bowl to mix hamburger and rice
Large spoon to stir hamburger and rice
Cutting board to cut tops off of green peppers
Sharp knife for green peppers
Potato peeler or paring knife
Electric mixer to mash potatoes
Measuring cup
2 or more potholders or oven mits

Troubleshooting Mashed Potatoes that Flop:
Mashed potatoes are lumpy – potatoes under cooked or mashed when cold.

Mashed potatoes are soupy or wet looking – potatoes overcooked or you added too much milk.

Leftover Storage Tips
Refrigerate leftover Stuffed Green Peppers in covered container
Refrigerate leftover Mashed Potatoes in covered container

Reheating Leftovers
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Put leftover Stuffed Green Peppers in oven safe baking dish. To help heat through, slice Peppers through the middle. Cover and reheat for 15 minutes.

Put leftover Mashed Potatoes in oven safe baking dish. Cut through the potatoes to separate. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of butter on top – depending on how many Mashed Potatoes you have – and cover.

When the 15 minute timer goes off for Stuffed Green Peppers, remove from oven, slice them in opposite direction and put back in the oven. At this time, put the leftover Mashed Potatoes in the oven as well.

Set timer for 10 minutes.

Remove Mashed Potatoes from oven, stir with fork and see if are warm enough. If additional time is needed, cover and put back in the oven for an additional 5 minutes.

When timer goes off, remove Stuffed Green Peppers and Mashed Potatoes from oven. Serve immediately.

Only reheat leftovers one time.

Clean Up Tips
After pans are cooled, add water to soak, making cleanup easier.