J’s Chili is a family favorite and we have it once monthly. Preparation time is minimal as the majority is simmering time. When this chili is made, it’s well known for providing great left overs.

Meal Prep List To Make J’s Chili
large dutch oven
wooden or plastic spoon to stir chili
aluminum foil
2 or more potholders, oven mits or folded T-towel
measuring cup

Additional Items Needed for J’s Chili Meal Prep
ladle for serving chili

Leftover Chili Storage Tips
Store leftover chili in sealed container in refrigerator, for no longer than 2 days.

You can also freeze chili in freezer bags or freezer containers, after completely cooled.

Reheating Chili Leftovers
The size of the saucepan you need to reheat leftover J’s Chili all depends on how much chili is leftover.

Pour leftovers in large enough saucepan that brim of pan is at least 2 inches above chili, stir. Place on stove top over medium heat with lid tilted. The time needed to reheat will vary depending on the amount of leftovers you have. Heat until reaches desired temperature. Using potholders or oven mits, sit pan on pot holder on your countertop.

Furthermore, you should only reheat leftovers one time.

Cooking Tips…
Always use oven mits or pot holders to handle hot saucepans or hot rolls from the oven.

To prevent damage to your countertop, put down a potholder or folded t-towel before you sit hot pans on your countertop.

Reduce Clean Up Time After Mealtime
When done eating, add hot water to pans and serving bowls, allow to soak for a few minutes. Soaking makes for easier cleanup for your dishwasher.