J’s Cheesy Fried Eggs and Bacon Sandwich is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner time or any snack time.

Meal Prep List To Prepare Cheesy Fried Eggs and Bacon Sandwich
large skillet
cookie sheet
aluminum foil
1 to 2 butter knives
sharp knife to cut sandwich
paper towels
shallow bowl
large plate
disposable rubber gloves
3 or more potholders or oven mits

Cooking Tips…
It is recommended to use disposable rubber gloves to handle raw meat. Using disposable rubber gloves is a safety feature for all food preparation.

Before sitting a hot skillet or hot cookie sheet on your countertop, put down a potholder or folded t-towel first to prevent damage to your counter top.

While using a skillet on cook top, ALWAYS turn handle in over cook top or counter top to avoid bumping into the handle and spilling hot grease. This also prevents children from grabbing the handle of a hot pan, spilling hot grease on themselves or others, potentially causing serious injuries.