Hard Boiled Eggs by J are an anytime snack as well as toppings for many meals.

I like to keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge as a great finger food snack. We like to open the fridge, grab an egg, add a little salt and enjoy a great protein pick me up.

Hard Boiled Eggs can be used in vegetable salads, macaroni salad, potato salad and of course, Egg N Noodle by J. They are great when used for egg salad sandwiches as well.

Making hard boiled eggs is very easy and doesn’t take much time at all.

Prep List To Make Hard Boiled Eggs
medium saucepan big enough for 8 eggs
2 potholders or oven mit
measuring cup for ice

Hard Boiled Egg Storage
Refrigerate hard boiled eggs in a covered container no longer than one week. To avoid ‘egg’ smell in the refrigerator, store in tightly sealed container.