Egg N Noodle is an old family recipe that everyone loves, young and old. Prep time for Egg N Noodle is timely but, the end results will have everyone applauding the cook. Essentially, the key to success in preparing this meal is the ‘Meal Prep’.

Meal Prep List To Prepare Egg N Noodle
large deep skillet with a lid to make beef with broth
wooden or plastic spoon to stir beef and broth
large dutch oven or multipot with steamer/strainer to make pasta
saucepan big enough to boil eggs
2 or more potholders or oven mits
sharp knife to trim beef

Additional Items Needed for Egg N Noodle Meal Prep
ladle for beef and broth serving
glass or plastic cutting board to trim unwanted fat from beef
cutting board to chop vegetables
measuring cup for water

DO NOT use the same cutting board for vegetables that you used for raw beef without washing well with hot soapy water first. Cross-contamination of raw meat can spread bacteria and make you sick.

Meal Prep Extra Tips To Keep Food Safe For Eating
It is recommended to use disposable rubber gloves to handle raw beef. Using disposable rubber gloves is a safety feature for all food preparation.

Leftover Storage Tips
Egg N Noodlemakes for terrific leftovers.

Store beef with broth and pasta in one container when cooled, in refrigerator. It is recommended to use leftovers within 2 days from the time they are made.

Refrigerate hard boiled eggs in a covered container no longer than one week. Also, avoid ‘egg’ smell by sealing the container tightly.

Use a covered container to store chopped vegetables in the refrigerator and used within 2 days.

Reheating Leftovers Instructions
Reheat beef with broth and pasta in the microwave using a microwave safe container with a lid. The time needed to reheat will vary depending on the amount of leftovers you have. Heat for desired time, using potholders or oven mits, sit container on pot holder on your countertop. Stir to see if is hot enough for you.

Furthermore, you should only reheat leftovers one time.

Cooking Tips…
Always use oven mits or pot holders to handle hot skillets, sauce pans or steamer/strainer pans.

For safety reasons, be sure to turn handles in over cook top or over counter top to avoid bumping the handle and spilling hot food.

Before you sit hot pans on your countertop, it is always best to put down a potholder or folded t-towel first to prevent damage to your counter top.

Reduce Clean Up Time After Your Meal
In conclusion, add water to pans and allow to soak, making clean up easier for the dishwasher.