Baked Cod with Macaroni N Cheese is a meal family members will keep asking for.

The cod is moist and delicious, pleasing any seafood connoisseur. My homemade macaroni is so tasty, family members fight over leftovers.

Meal Prep List To Prepare Baked Cod with Macaroni N Cheese
2 to 3 qt oblong baking dish for fish, baking dish will be around 9x9x2 inches
3 qt baking dish for macaroni n cheese
tongs for cod
spatula for cod
large dutch oven or multipot with steamer/strainer to cook macaroni
measuring cup
pasta spoon or wooden spoon
medium saucepan for cheese mixture
wooden spoon to stir cheese mixture
small sauce pan for canned corn
3 or more potholders or oven mits

Meal Prep Extra Tips To Keep Food Safe For Eating
It is recommended to use disposable rubber gloves to handle raw fish. Using disposable rubber gloves is a safety feature for all food preparation.

Cooking Tips…
Always use oven mits or pot holders to handle hot pans or baking dishes.

For safety reasons, be sure to turn handles in over cook top or over counter top to avoid bumping the handle and spilling hot food.

Before you sit hot pans or baking dishes on your countertop, put down a potholder or folded t-towel first to prevent damage to your counter top.

Reduce Clean Up Time After Your Meal
In conclusion, add water to pans or cooking dishes and allow to soak, making clean up easier for the dishwasher.